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Stackup Technology Solutions – A  Hyperconverged IT infrastructure producta

Stackup Technology Solutions is a Hyperconverged IT infrastructure product company that spearheads innovation in software defined infrastructure components.

Stackup Tech offers products that are aimed at simplifying IT infrastructure, untangling IT operations and increasing IT operational efficiency.

Technical Benefits
  • Pre validated converged infrastructure, predictable performance
  • Built on software centric architecture that provides tighter coupling
  • Reduces provisioning time to minutes
  • Facilitates Business Continuity – HA, DR
  • Agile – Spin up or down workloads across appliances, locations in a seamless way
  • No compatibility issues and avoids vendor blame game

Stackup  provides multiple services in a homogeneous platform for simplifies management

Commercial Benefits
  • Lower upfront hardware costs – Usage of single x86 commodity hardware as against multiple proprietary high cost hardware components
  • Lower AMC and support costs
  • Lower management IT staff costs
  • Reduce IT real estate space
  • Extended life of hardware, literally no EoL
  • Avoids over sizing of resources to fit in standard offering
Operational Benefits
  • Reduce hardware sprawl – Convergence solution
  • Reduce downtime
  • Changes are quicker with lesser or no disruptions to existing systems
  • Improve hardware utilization ratio
  • Green initiative – energy efficient computing
  • Better use of IT resources – Less time on transactional IT works, more time for enabling new business