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  • What is Data warehousing? Are there any solutions for ERP?
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Adempiere ERP with Openbravo POS via Activemq

  • How is the queue messages formed?
  • How would the system know which record belongs to which model?
  • What if the ERP server is offline or the web access is down or unstable?
  • What if the Queue server is down?
  • What happens to the queued messages that were not consumed when the Queue goes down?
  • What if we have many POS clients all over needing to access the same ERP export queue? Would it disappear after the first POS client consumed the queue?
  • How scalable is this?
  • What about Openbravo ERP? Why not use it instead of ADempiere ERP?


Adempiere ERP with Openbravo POS - Issues & Fixes :

  • When Installing the Adempiere ERP with Openbravo POS via Active MQ we need to fix the files before run patch for Adempiere For Example: Adempierepackages FixedAssets, liberoHR, liberoMFG, Maintenance, openbravopos(downloaded setup).
  • The Sales representative in Adempiere ERP will not be the same in Openbravo POS. Hence we have to view report separately in POS and ERP for sales rep itself.
  • In Adempiere the connection with activeMQ must be a valid IP address otherwise the connection with POS may failed or data couldn’t be saved
  • In Openbravo POS we can split the bill for a set of two persons asked for separate bills.
  • Reports can be viewed at any time as data and also chart views
  • Active MQ can store large data’s while synchronization