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iSquare Management Consultancy Services

iSquare Project Management Methodology

Why Project Management needed?

Projects are conducted to support the organizations strategic.

  • Market demand
  • Organizational need
  • A customer request
  • A technological advance
  • A legal requirement

"A project is a temporary endeavor, having a defined beginning and end"



iSquare IT Services Consulting

Managed IT consultancy services

    • Network Study
    • Network Design
    • Network Implementation
    • System Design
    • Storage Selection
    • Storage Design
    • Storage implementation
    • Windows implementation
    • Data center Design
    • IT Security Consultation
    • IT audit Consultation




      ERP Consulting

      ERP implementation consulting services

      • Evaluation
      • ERP selection
      • Planning
      • Requirement gathering
      • Implementation
      • QC Testing
      • Delivery
      • Training
      • Support





Ask ERP Expert?

  • What is the best ERP that suits for my company?
  • How to compare different ERP?
  • What is hardware required for ERP?
  • What is Operating system and Database required for ERP?
  • What operating system support ERP?
  • What does hardware sizing mean?
  • Will ERP work on virtualization  & Cloud Computing?
  • What are the management tools that ERP software provide?
  • What is Data warehousing? Are there any solutions for ERP?
  • How is workflow related to ERP?


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Managed IT Services

Benefits to the Company

    • 24x7x365 Service Support
    • Minimizes  downtime
    • Improves Systems & network performance
    • Single point of contact for all network issues
    • Single supplier instead of multiple vendors
    • More consistent IT management
    • Approach to network stability
    • Real-time problem detection and correction
    • Proactive monitoring, reporting, and correction across the network
    • Reduces security  risk
    • Value of existing assets
    • Manage the IT services as  a business
    • Lower Total Cost Ownership (TCO) for client




    What to select SAN or NAS?

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    Recovery Strategy

    "A way to recover systems and processes in case of interruption"