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iSquare Document Management Solutions

Our DMS solutions based on Open source software and can be hosted  on cloud. Highly Secure and affordable solution.


Way to Go Green

"Enabling the paperless environment towards reducing the paper consumption and converts all  paper forms of documentation into digital  one."


What is  digital office?

Digital Office  that uses minimal amounts of paper and converts all the paper forms of documentation into digital   one.    To make   “going green in the office.”


Techniques to make paper less office:


  • Electronic Fax ( E-FAX)
  • Reduce printing in paper
  • Print to PDF.  PDF is a universal, digitized, portable document format
  • Convert to digital copies
  • E-billing
  • Digitization of postal mail
  • Scanning solutions




Advantages of Document management solutions.


    • improving productivity and reducing paper and storage costs
    • No cost  for paper
    • No  storage cost
    • No cost for  printing, mailing, and shipping
    • No need  physical presence to submit 
    • Speed up the access  to documents
    • Fast online billing and payments
    • Access from difference geographical locations with cheaper and secure  procedure
    • 24*7 business availability