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BIRT BI Development, Customization and Implementation

BIRT is a Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools that consists of a visual report designer and a run time component for Java and Java EE environments.

BRIT BI Solutions

  • Data
  •  Data Transforms
  • Business Logic
  • Presentation

Benefits of BIRT:
  •   Data Customization – reports often require additional business logic to prepare data for presentation. BIRT provides a number of tools to help like computed column, Input & Output parameters, Column Meta data, Filtering, Scripted Data set.
  • Conditional Formatting – BIRT provides various conditional formatting features like Conditional Visibility, Value Mapping, and Highlighting.
  • Scripting – BIRT provides scripting based on JavaScript. In particular, JavaScript provides excellent integration with your existing Java logic, making it very simple to call your logic from BIRT reports. BIRT provides a complete set of JavaScript objects to access the Report Object Model
  •  Java Event Coding – event handlers can be coded in Java. BIRT supplies a set of interfaces for report item creation and data collection. Once the event handler is written in Java and associated with a report element, the report can be debugged through the Eclipse Java Development Tools
  • Styles – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow web designers to extract style information from content, and to reuse style over and over. BIRT provides a similar style feature. Indeed, BIRT styles are based on CSS styles
  •   Libraries – BIRT supports libraries that organize these shared resources. Libraries can contain any report element including styles, data sources, report items, scripts and so on
  •   Internationalization – BIRT provides support for internationalization and localization.